Florida FIRST Kickoff at Kennedy Space Center


This season’s theme is INTO ORBIT. We are so fortunate that Florida is home to Kennedy Space Center, so where better for the Florida FIRST teams to kick off the season as there!

September 8th we got to spend an amazing day at Kennedy Space Center with other teams from all over Florida. They got to take part in workshops with different professionals, Coaches and Mentors to help them prepare for the season. Then they got to have a Q&A session with three top NASA Professionals.

They got to meet the Seshan Brothers who are FIRST legends. They were World Champions last year but have been running the website which is an invaluable resource to learn the robot and programming. Two very impressive young men!!!

After that, we were free to explore the complex and come up with lots of wonderful ideas about our project to solve a physical or psychological problem due to long-term space travel.

Here’s what the team had to say about the event.

“It was a lot of fun to get to meet other teams from around the State. We got to learn a lot about the Project. The Seshan brothers from EV3 Lessons were there and it was great to meet them and hear their ideas and advice. It helped to know we were going the right direction with our project. Kennedy Space Center is awesome all by itself. The Atlantis exhibit is really cool. It was fun to spend the day with my team.” Nathan

“I would say getting to talk to the rocket scientist at the end.” Krystof
“I loved the space shuttle simulator at Kennedy Space Center. It was really cool to feel like an astronaut rocketing into space and orbiting around the earth. Now that I know what an astronaut might experience in space, I can come up with some ideas that could help them live in space for an extended period of time. The journey to Mars is a long trip so they will need help along the way to stay fit, eat healthily, and improve their tolerance to zero-gravity for an over 600-day round-trip to Mars. The FIRST LEGO Kickoff event at Kennedy Space Center taught me that I should document everything. I hope that this tip will help me to be a successful and contributing member on my LEGO team.” Logan